Tailor-made Services
Greco, Rodrigues, Vizentim takes pride in its active engagement in ongoing legal proceedings. Treating every case as unique, our team is ready to develop its work so as to meet the demands of each client, regarding either the reorganization of the work flow and customization reporting routines or the use of particular operating systems.

Since our services respond to the unique necessities and demands from our clients, results meet expectations and reach targets more effectively, gaining recognition through awards.
Another initiative supporting this reality is the double-check system, which provides high security in workflow organization and filing deadline management. The internal integrated system manages every routine step in each case, allowing our team to double check each task ahead of filing deadlines.

Head Office: Rua Pedro de Toledo, 108, 15º andar, Vila Clementino, 04039-000, São Paulo, SP. Phone: + 55 11 5908 4600 / Fax: + 55 11 5908 4609
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