The Firm
Established in May 1997, Greco, Rodrigues, Vizentim Advogados strives to provide specialized legal services in tax, labor, civil, commercial, corporate and contract matters as a novel worthy alternative to companies seeking results with ethics and transparency.

Chief among the distinctive marks of our firm is the direct engagement of the senior partners in the litigation proceedings.

With a view to achieving excellence in legal services, the firm periodically invests in staff training, systems and control solutions dedicated to mitigating risks during litigation.

Strategically based branches in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador facilitate follow-up litigation routines in response to market-approved quality standards.

Our personalized approach, based on a realistic perception and sharing in the company’s difficulties, promotes results in response to the client’s expectations, at a higher service level.

In recognition of its work throughout the years, our firm has been the recipient of a number of awards for achievement and high performance, therefore, the subject of widespread recognition in the legal market.

Head Office: Rua Pedro de Toledo, 108, 15º andar, Vila Clementino, 04039-000, São Paulo, SP. Phone: + 55 11 5908 4600 / Fax: + 55 11 5908 4609
Rio de Janeiro | Salvador