To secure its record of achievement, Greco, Rodrigues, Vizentim Advogados keeps a structure grounded in technology, safety, solidity and competence. A permanent auditing team routinely strives to minimize operational risks and promote our client’s security.

We rely on effective administrative tools, oriented to employee satisfaction, at the disposal of our Human Resources staff. We also employ a nimble legal back office capable of processing and reporting pertinent information to support our legal staff.

Our strategically based branches in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador facilitate follow-up litigation routines at high quality and low operational costs, yielding better client value.

Head Office: Rua Pedro de Toledo, 108, 15º andar, Vila Clementino, 04039-000, São Paulo, SP. Phone: + 55 11 5908 4600 / Fax: + 55 11 5908 4609
Rio de Janeiro | Salvador